Add a Touch of Excitement with Interesting Smartphone Apps

You are bored of driving; you can recharge yourself by playing a game, lost in the woods switch on the GPS and track yourself, or want to take rest you can locate the nearest truck stop. Smartphones have made it possible and used by many people worldwide. Additionally, truckers who dedicate themselves for long hours on the road need to have something handy to keep them lively and active. Using mobile phones while driving is an offence but it is no harm stopping somewhere for a while and refreshing themselves with interesting mobile apps.

Many truck owners and operators use smartphones and download applications to enjoy their time while driving. In addition, these mobile applications make the profession of truck drivers attractive in numerous ways. For example, there are apps helping them stay connected with their near and dear ones, apps that make it easy to find routes, etc. Moreover, knowing how busy truck drivers are, tax2290 mobile would be helpful. Truckers only have to visit and pay their taxes using their mobile phones even when driving. So truckers, you only need to buy a smartphone if you do not own one and start rolling.

The numerous smartphone applications for truckers to download are enough to confuse truckers. Moreover, they hardly have time to understand every app and then download. To make their task easy, we have provided some of the popular and valuable apps that several truckers download. 

Truckster – Truck Stops: 

This is a paid app designed for IOS and Android phones, which provides information about the nearest truck stops, places to take rest, gas stations providing diesel at cheapest prices, and much more. Downloading this app can help truckers find several information in one place but at a small price.

CoPilot Live Truck App:

This is a useful app used by truckers worldwide because of the attractive features present in it. Designed solely for truckers, it is the first of its kind with voice-guided navigation, thus preventing truckers to take the wrong route.

FatSecret Calorie  Counter App:

A user-friendly, simple to use, and effective app loaded with wide range of features such as helping truckers keeping track of the food they eat, barcode scanner, know the calories consumed, and nutritional value of their favorite foods.

GasBuddy App:

Truck drivers always try their best to find a fuel and gas station selling diesel at affordable rates to add up to their savings. This free app connects with various users and provides up-to-date information of several gas and fuel stations and their rates across the United States. There are additional features offered by this app sure to impress every truck driver.

Tax2290 App:

An interesting and upcoming app designed for truck drivers in the U.S. With the tax filing season approaching soon downloading this useful application can reduce the hassles in paying tax 2290. Loaded with impressive and remarkable features, this application would surely be an advantage for all the truckers driving down the road.

The introduction of mobile applications has improved the quality of life of many truck drivers serving in and around U.S. Moreover, truck owners have the option to visit e-filing websites such as also providing the benefit of filing tax return when on the move. Now, you do not have to wait for someone to file it on your behalf, as you can do so even when on the roads and makes it possible for you. So truckers, get started today! Reach us @ 1-866-245-3918 for immediate assistance.