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Add a Touch of Excitement with Interesting Smartphone Apps

You are bored of driving; you can recharge yourself by playing a game, lost in the woods switch on the GPS and track yourself, or want to take rest you can locate the nearest truck stop. Smartphones have made it possible and used by many people worldwide. Additionally, truckers who dedicate themselves for long hours on the road need to have something handy to keep them lively and active. Using mobile phones while driving is an offence but it is no harm stopping somewhere for a while and refreshing themselves with interesting mobile apps. Continue reading

Inspire the Owner-Operator within You

No matter whether you are a newbie in the trucking industry or an experienced truck driver avoiding distracted driving over the years, it is good that you are considering honing the entrepreneurial skills in you. It is truly an attainable goal but only if you make yourself aware of the competitive business environment and pay your HVUT return on time. Moreover, to make your new venture a success, make sure to understand the licensing and registration of a new motor carrier and the rules for handling the business. Continue reading to learn the three essential abilities that a truck owner-operator should have. Continue reading

A letter from Tax Form 2290


Form 2290

Internal Revenue Service

U.S. Department of Treasury

Washington, D.C.



Heavy Vehicle Taxpayers

United States of America


Dear taxpayers,

SUBJECT: Extension of HVUT return filing & Payment due date

If you have already written about your heavy vehicles on me and dropped me safely at my home through post or the internet before noon on August 31, 2012, thanks a ton. You can now happily drive your trucks until next June without any legal troubles.

The e-file system at my home in the IRS was shut down for some maintenance activity from 1.00 p.m. on August 31 through September 4, 2012. In order to minimize the impact of inconvenience on affected e-file taxpayers alone, the heads of my family have decided to extend the time for filing me to my home until September 7, 2012. So, for those of you who missed to file me before 1.00 p.m. on August 31, can now do so and pay the applicable HVUT amounts due to my family without any penalty or late fee until the 7th of September, 2012. You can do so at tax 2290 for convenient, easy and fast filing and get your stamped schedule 1 copy within minutes. If you don’t, you have to face the appropriate penalties and interests after the 7th.

I sincerely hope that there are no confusions pertaining to filing me on time now.


Yours truly,

Form 2290

P.S. Oh dear paper filers, this isn’t for you. Your deadline was August 31, 2012.


E-file Form 2290 – A Better Service with Speed & Price

Years back when we had to schedule our dates and times to have our things done and travel miles away not seeing our family & friends for a day or two or may be longer. Then a little later, when technology came into existence and we developed. We had limited product or services available to save us Time & Money.

Today, thanks to the technology which helped develop so fast. At the same time now we confuse ourselves to choose the best available product or service out of many. We all are busier than at any other time in history. We’re working longer hours, raising families, and busy with other responsibilities and activities. When we want to buy a product or to use a service, we want to do it quickly, and we want to get the best price and service possible. Are we meeting those needs? Continue reading

Why to e-file only with www.Tax2290.com?


ThinkTrade is the leader in providing innovative excise tax solutions and services using modern web technologies. Our e-filing service mission is to provide a streamlined, simple to use and a user friendly electronic tax filing website which offers efficient, safe, secured and a productive system at low cost. Our customer base is spread across all the states in United States. We always get a good response from Canadian truckers if they need to file for a 2290. Every truckers preferred to do it with us, because of the quality and simplicity that we offer at a affordable price. Continue reading