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IRS form 2290 news for e-filers

It’s the same story on filing HVUT online again for all you truck owners before August 31st of 2012, but, this time with a tinge of twist from the IRS at this point of time. If you are planning to file your heavy vehicle tax returns this week itself, you are triple assured to get your schedule 1 copy immediately. In case your returns reach the IRS for processing any day next week, you are still double assured about your schedule 1 in hands just in time. But during the last day of the last week of August, i.e. the 31st, the IRS has scheduled its e-file facility maintenance activity to begin by 1:00 p.m. EDT. Continue reading

Time to relax with Tax

Its truck tax time. It is understood as to how taxing it will be for all you truck owners. May be as heavy as your truck or even more? Forget it!

If a cargo of tax computations and vehicle information is hauling in and out of your heads, sit with your favorite coffee mug (with of course some coffee inside!), take your reading nerves for a joyful ride over the following tax quotes, perk yourselves up and share it with your friends. Nevertheless, you can always choose to e-file HVUT returns with tax2290.com, which will perk you up instantly making you wonder if filing tax returns was ever this easy! Continue reading

File Form 2290 Online With Timely Support!

More than the convenient, easy to understand features, accurately calculated values, reliable security while processing, highly economical and worthwhile pricing & the user amicable packages that are available for online tax payers on tax2290.com, the heart of our tax products lies in the peerless customer support that we provide. While you are free from usual chores to file HVUT or any other tax returns on weekends at your own relaxed pace, we are fully functional and responsible to serve your online assistance, the way you need. Yes! We work on weekends this tax season just to support you so you pay your tax returns online easily at your convenience. Our customer service personnel make good enough relationships with you – the way you would like to pursue, literally to make the e-file form 2290 process an advantageous one for you in every way. This saves you time to spend with your family or yourself or anything that adds joy to your life.

We know any genuine business is judged by what’s being done and what’s not just said and also practically implement the same in action by consistently attending to phone calls, keeping up promises as assured, attentively listening to what customers say, dealing with problems the right way, being intensely helpful at all times and giving in the right information at times very apt. Customer support exceeding customer expectations is the constant hymn in our minds that drive us efficiently. In fact, the customer numbers that we have earned and in turn who have earned our trust are a result of our commendable customer service more than our promotions and price discounts. Learn why you should file your HVUT before this August 31st, 2012 and file the same taking our help in case of need, just in time even on weekends. Our customer support model is designed as follows: Continue reading