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Renew Form 2290 for 2021 – 22 before the deadline; we’re also available for assistance on weekends.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

We are now open during weekends. To provide continuous support with extended customer service we are now open on weekends and federal holidays. For us, at www.TaxExcise.com / www.Tax2290.com it has become more or like a family tradition that we adhere to every year during tax filing season. Being the only IRS Authorised E-File Service Provider that’s over a Decade-Old it is important that we stand up to your expectations and provide you with continuous support, guidance, and undisrupted service 7 days a week. And also with the deadline looming just a few weeks away, we would like to keep you reminded to have the 2290 HVUT completed on time and stay compliant with the IRS.

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Support Even during Weekends, for E-filing HVUT Form 2290!

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Seven days a week it’s not quite enough for most of us who work 9 to 5 and we still crib that we need an extra days off and always hope that the upcoming weekend should be a long weekend. Think about Truckers and Trucking Industry Professionals who work round the clock a day off from work is close to heaven for them

As a known fact that the Months of July and August are more stressful for the Trucking Community as they have to renew their HVUT Form 2290 for the current tax Year. The Current Tax Year is 2018 – 2019 and those who have not renewed their Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290 yet are Operating with an Expired Stamped Schedule 1 copy form 2017 – 2018. Continue reading

Famous Truck Stops You Should Pay Visit

Truck stops play a very important role in trucker’s life, make them feel home. From refreshments to parking your big rig, these truck stops are symbolic places on the land of America. Initially, they were created in the conjunction with the Interstate Highway System, and were serving many functional requirements. These stops soon were converted into nostalgic markers, paying visits to these popular landmarks on road trips.

Being a trucker, the advantage you get to see different places, different styles and enjoys different variety of everything. Truck stops are in abundance, but among the lot, I have chosen 4 exclusive Truck Stops featuring the list of best, historic and Trucker’s favorite.

The list of Truck Stops is:

  • ·         Iowa 80 Truck Stop
  • ·         Alamo Plaza
  • ·         Derrick Plaza Truck Stop
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File Form 2290 Online With Timely Support!

More than the convenient, easy to understand features, accurately calculated values, reliable security while processing, highly economical and worthwhile pricing & the user amicable packages that are available for online tax payers on tax2290.com, the heart of our tax products lies in the peerless customer support that we provide. While you are free from usual chores to file HVUT or any other tax returns on weekends at your own relaxed pace, we are fully functional and responsible to serve your online assistance, the way you need. Yes! We work on weekends this tax season just to support you so you pay your tax returns online easily at your convenience. Our customer service personnel make good enough relationships with you – the way you would like to pursue, literally to make the e-file form 2290 process an advantageous one for you in every way. This saves you time to spend with your family or yourself or anything that adds joy to your life.

We know any genuine business is judged by what’s being done and what’s not just said and also practically implement the same in action by consistently attending to phone calls, keeping up promises as assured, attentively listening to what customers say, dealing with problems the right way, being intensely helpful at all times and giving in the right information at times very apt. Customer support exceeding customer expectations is the constant hymn in our minds that drive us efficiently. In fact, the customer numbers that we have earned and in turn who have earned our trust are a result of our commendable customer service more than our promotions and price discounts. Learn why you should file your HVUT before this August 31st, 2012 and file the same taking our help in case of need, just in time even on weekends. Our customer support model is designed as follows: Continue reading