Famous Truck Stops You Should Pay Visit

Truck stops play a very important role in trucker’s life, make them feel home. From refreshments to parking your big rig, these truck stops are symbolic places on the land of America. Initially, they were created in the conjunction with the Interstate Highway System, and were serving many functional requirements. These stops soon were converted into nostalgic markers, paying visits to these popular landmarks on road trips.

Being a trucker, the advantage you get to see different places, different styles and enjoys different variety of everything. Truck stops are in abundance, but among the lot, I have chosen 4 exclusive Truck Stops featuring the list of best, historic and Trucker’s favorite.

The list of Truck Stops is:

  • ·         Iowa 80 Truck Stop
  • ·         Alamo Plaza
  • ·         Derrick Plaza Truck Stop
  • ·         Tamarack

Iowa 80 Truck Stop:

Located in the center of the heartland, Iowa 80 Truck Stop in Walcott is one of the biggest. Don’t let the small town atmosphere fool you though, as this stop covers every need of yours. From a dentist to a shower area for your pet (if you are carrying your pet along), museum to relish the old trucks, everything is available at one stop for you. Check out some accessories to hook up with, some coolest trucks driving paraphernalia and yes, the museum is enough to keep your eyes on stalks.

Alamo Plaza:

If you are in love with gambling, then you will not be able to find a better place than Alamo Plaza. Located in Sparks, NV, is the place which provides you with anything you name. Yes, there are better tourist places in Reno and Vegas, this is truck stop is not worth the miss. From slots to blackjack tables, they have it all. Furthermore, if you are looking forward for resting after a night of gambling, the parking lot would surely fit in successfully.

Derrick Plaza Truck Stop:

The world is expensive so is our standard of living. Derrick Plaza Truck Stop in Salisbury, NC duly understands the hardship of trucker and therefore, has installed an electrical station, which can provide your truck with power but at a really low cost. With this portable service of charging your rigs, you can let your truck run all night to stay warm. If you feel hungry or attend religious services, this 24 hours stop provides you with all the services you are looking for. Name it, we frame it!


Mark it, you will love this place. Located in Beckley, WV, it features an excellent art center, a courtyard and picnic area. So you know if your family is tagging along, you really don’t have to worry about truck stops. This place is ultimate stop. You can spend peaceful time here, relishing the provision for both adults and children to enjoy.

However, the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration has set in new rules for truckers. At least 30 minutes of break during the initial 8 hours of driving. Truckers are also assigned with 34 hours “off-duty periods” to rest and work afresh the next day. With new rules laid on truckers, it is now a routine task to visit truck stops every now and then to simply refresh to have a safe journey ahead.

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On a final note, it’s time to stay alert while being behind the wheels, healthy by walking around the truck stop and a dedicated trucker to the nation by filing taxes. Happy Trucking!

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