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Famous Truck Stops You Should Pay Visit

Truck stops play a very important role in trucker’s life, make them feel home. From refreshments to parking your big rig, these truck stops are symbolic places on the land of America. Initially, they were created in the conjunction with the Interstate Highway System, and were serving many functional requirements. These stops soon were converted into nostalgic markers, paying visits to these popular landmarks on road trips.

Being a trucker, the advantage you get to see different places, different styles and enjoys different variety of everything. Truck stops are in abundance, but among the lot, I have chosen 4 exclusive Truck Stops featuring the list of best, historic and Trucker’s favorite.

The list of Truck Stops is:

  • ·         Iowa 80 Truck Stop
  • ·         Alamo Plaza
  • ·         Derrick Plaza Truck Stop
  • ·         Tamarack Continue reading

The World of Trucking- Frames of Past and Present

Life on the road was not what it used to be. The trucking industry started in 1910’s and 20’s and the number of truckers were limited. Those days, truckers were instructed to do only one thing, i.e., get the materials delivered from one place to another without any restrictions, rules or limits. Additionally, truckers had to drive for days on the poor and dangerous roads and drivers hardly cared about the hard work that poured in, the number of hours they traveled, etc. as long as the delivery was made. Continue reading

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