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Tax Form 2290 HVUT deadline, Mid Month Alert!

alert“There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive” — B.C. Forbes. Anyone in the Trucking Industry will sure accept to this. Along with credit and satisfaction comes huge responsibility because the loads that they transit are not their property but they take complete ownership of the timely delivery and for the condition of the goods they carry on their heavy rigs.

Not only the goods they transit become their responsibility, but they have to take care of many things other than that as well. First comes the Vehicle itself, they have to maintain their vehicles and it should be in proper shape to hit the high ways. Trucker’s health, they have to be fit and fine to handle the load and the vehicle. Family Of course, which is the reason they work so hard and stay mostly on the road. Continue reading

Alerts for All your actions, when you Efile your Form 2290!

NotiFor every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – Newton’s third law. Well let science do its job by either accepting or denying with Newton, but we at www.Tax2290.com – the ONLY DECADE OLD IRS Authorized E-file Service Provider for E-filing Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 have made sure that every Excise Tax E-filer is alerted for every action they perform on our website through Emails, Texts & Fax.

Below are the lists of Alert we send when you E-file: Continue reading

Form 2290 is due June 30th, 2012 for vehicle first used in May 2012!

The IRS Tax Form 2290 is available now at www.Tax2290.com / www.TaxExcise.com.

ReminderIf your vehicle first used in May 2012 since July 1st 2011, you are required to file IRS Tax Form 2290by June 30, 2012. Continue reading

How secure is it to e-file with Tax2290.com

The first question that peeps up in the minds of an internet user about efiling is “Am I using a reliable and secure website?”

As far as Tax2290.com, taxpayers can be rest assured about security since we employ world class technology back up to equip the security of our site. Tax2290.com takes ultimate efforts for protecting your account and Personal/Business information.

When you login to Tax2290.com you will be in a “secure session” that is established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) verified by COMODO’s Global Site Certificate Technology. While connected with SSL, every transmission between your computer and our websites are encrypted with 128-bit (strong) encryption, completely hiding your data while it travels to us. Continue reading