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Tips for truck owners to gear it apt for winter

Coarse driving on seasonal shortcoming is nearly all common for truckers. Its agony will be there in almost every truck owner’s mind, concerned about meteorological conditions of winter. Whatever, the downtime can be lessened with right upkeep.

A roll of ground works and plans given here can be practiced everyday or sometimes in compliance with the demand. Those plans will keep helping your well-maintained trucks for a safe run.

  • Battery check: Test your truck’s battery often and also clean the connections.
  • Habitual cleaning: Keep your vehicle free from road salts, which cling during heavy snow area rides. Clean your cab body and undercarriage habitually.
  • Ensure engine heaters: Ensure the proper maintenance of engine heaters, which warms the vehicle system for quick start during winter time of the year. It may be block heater or oil-pan heaters according to the owner’s choice. After all, properly maintained engines help you relish the complete worth of paying HVUT for your trucks.
  • Confirm Fuel Level: If the coolant is older than 2 years  then replace it with a new one that prevents corrosion and gumming, which proves global performance.
  • Examine the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) setup: Since the freezing point of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is 12°F, it may tend to freeze in many areas. Within an hour, it will soften into liquefied form. Practically, scores of trucks will be adapted with such emission control systems. Cyclic system leakages are must from the midwinter period.
  • Windshield repairs: Keep windshields free from minor pitting, chips and other stress spots etc. Get used to repair it instantly to avoid cracks or other major damages.

Things to recall:

  • Carry a ready winter survival kit with fire extinguisher, reflective triangles, first aid kit, solar blanket, water and other needed things.
  • If you keep your engine run through in truck parking area, slow-moving traffic, crawling as of snowy weather etc, you are up surging the danger of allowing carbon monoxide poisoning into the truck by yourself.
  • Overall road safety is something that also means to other people on road next to your truck and you. Bear in mind

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Truckers Should Respond Promptly To the Alarm of Sleep While Driving and HVUT for Driving

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