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Trucking Insurance Coverage: Life Rescuer for Truckers

Do you own a trucking company? If yes, have you invested on commercial vehicle insurance to help you in dire circumstances? Unlike any other profession, trucking requires utmost dedication where truckers have to spend most time on the roads risking their life and business. For example, when behind the wheels there are chances of the vehicle being damaged especially while driven on the bad road conditions. To save money on the repairs, possessing a valid insurance would be helpful and also would let you breathe easy. Moreover, if you are an interstate trucker, the insurance laws and agreements are authorized under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Read this blog to gather additional information on commercial motor carrier insurance and ensure you carry one for betterment.  Continue reading

What it Takes to be a Rock Trucker? Understanding the Basic Facts

Welcome back truckers, after a long week, we’re back. We hope you would have filed your 2290 tax online in the month of Jan if at all you bought your truck on road by December. However, today we would be talking about ‘Rock Trucking’ and offer detailed information on it. We hope and look forward for your feedback on the blogs we post.

Although trucking is surrounded by risk, this job is no less. So if you’re planning to opt for rock trucking, this blog is dedicated to you. You can read the pros and cons before you stand firm on your decision. Continue reading