What it Takes to be a Rock Trucker? Understanding the Basic Facts

Welcome back truckers, after a long week, we’re back. We hope you would have filed your 2290 tax online in the month of Jan if at all you bought your truck on road by December. However, today we would be talking about ‘Rock Trucking’ and offer detailed information on it. We hope and look forward for your feedback on the blogs we post.

Although trucking is surrounded by risk, this job is no less. So if you’re planning to opt for rock trucking, this blog is dedicated to you. You can read the pros and cons before you stand firm on your decision.


Rock truck transport deals with obstacles which are never to negotiate. You would be required to skillfully maneuver the truck and load around holes, which includes uneven ground. The art of driving truck should be mastered as the truck can anytime get stuck or tip over, which can cause loss of life.

Features You Can Look Forward:

Rock trucks fall under the category of heavy equipments, and there are specialized course providers in the field provide appropriate training. You need to have Class A- Commercial Drivers’ license, while some of the service providers would combine rock trucking license with Class-A CDL. Other than that, it is also combined with tutoring in other heavy equipments like excavators and road graders.


If you have decided to opt for Rock Trucking, you will undergo obstacle training, on the field and classroom for better understanding. If you’re planning to undergo training before you go behind the wheels, the course would last for not more than seven weeks and eventually, you would receive your certification if you pass the practical and theoretical test.


In order to haul rock trucks, your truck and its equipment should be insured along with the papers required for state permits.

Safe Driving Record:

You need to maintain a safe driving record, eliminating rash driving or accidents. In order to keep a safe driving record, you must have knowledge of legal load limits and maintain proper weight and speed. This will help you stay safe behind the wheels and during DOT inspection.

Safety Considerations with Rock:

You need to be sure and handle the rock you are carrying carefully. As the size of rock would differ, the bed of the truck would be damaged if at all the load is not carefully dropped in.

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