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It’s the Middle of the Month! Pro-rated 2290 Tax Returns are Due for October Used Vehicles!

Hello, truckers! The IRS charges Form 2290 HVUT returns on a pro-rated basis for truckers with newly purchased and first-used heavy vehicles away from the tax period. Therefore, if you have a heavy highway vehicle or truck first used on October 2023, you must report Form 2290 HVUT returns on a pro-rated basis by the end of this month. Since the deadline is approaching the end of this month, e-file Form 2290 tax reports today on our platform to get the instant Schedule 1 copy and stay ahead of the deadline.

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Mid-Month Alert! August 31, 2022, is the last date to e-file form 2290 HVUT.

Hello, Truckers! Tax2290.com would like to remind you that the last date to report your form 2290 HVUT to the IRS for the current tax season, TY 2022-2023 is August 31, 2022. As the deadline comes in just a few weeks, we request the truckers and trucking taxpayers to e-file form 2290 at Tax2290.com and stay ahead of the deadline in this tax season.

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