The Festival of Sleep Day Is Here

In this competitive world and wintry weather, is there anyone who hates hiding under a blanket and sleeping for a whole day? Certainly not! Hibernate! A Rabbit does… Bear does… Bat does… Why not you?  Apart from gearing your trucks apt for winter, self-gearing is also vital. The festival of sleep day is an unofficial, but favorite holiday for nearly everyone. It is usually celebrated on Jan 3rd of every year. We asked a good number people, what their holiday plan is. The answer counts cleaning house or car shed, washing car, repairing and some odd jobs. How nice it would be to hug your teddy or stuffed bunny and to sprawl out on a day bed or couch after your Christmas shopping or celebration? No fences why you sleep, where you sleep, how and how long you sleep. No matter what! Just get any comfortable cushion to sleep on.

HOS Vs Festival of sleep day

“No way to celebrate the festival of sleep day? Why to anticipate it when you follow HOS?”

Being a trucker, you will spend nights together without sleep, making yourself stay awake during the ride. To edge the sleep deprivation trouble of truckers, the federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) molded the Hours of Service regulations (HOS). According to this regulation, truck driver’s health can be saved once the service and sleep lines up are in a proper ratio. This prevents driver’s fatigue first and those accidents that occur next. It reduces 82 hours service (15%) per week and further allows you to the week-off for 34 consecutive hours, once in a working week.

Before you sleep:

  • Put off your mobile phones, door bell, telephones and assure no sound possibly disturbs you.
  • If you really have some important work, then set up your alarm time for how long to sleep.
  • Switch off all lights and sources of it, tilt down the windows etc.
  • Dress comfortably. Get rid of tight dresses that blocks airflow and loosen your shirts.

A good note from your HVUT e-file mate”, where you e-file with pleasure ever.  No matter when you file, wherever you are… Tax2290 makes it easy! Sleep, nap, snooze and kip by which you get holed from worries and strains. Sleep, a perpetual stress reliever that we are blessed with. Sleep tight now in accordance with HOS to stay road-safe forever!