Hard working Trucker – “A Perfect Growth Strategy of Nation”.

Jan-12’2013 is Work Harder Day. Apart from trucker’s new resolutions for the year 2013, what is something you would like to work harder at and why on that day? Being a trucker you have got plenty of deals to contribute in bulk to nation’s economic prosperity. We often excuse our self an infinite times to work a single task scheduled days back. These excuses include, “Let me do it later, evening, tonight, tomorrow or weekend”, “I’m tired today”, “My alarm did not go off” and lots more.

According to the ATA-American Trucking Association’s research under “When trucks stop, America stops”, there are certain consumer industries which will be drastically affected by truck stoppages. Let’s discuss the adverse effects that will exist when your trucks stop.

  •  Foodstuff supply: It is clear-cut that all of us purchase million dollars of groceries everyday that are brought to the market almost by trucks. Perishable food items will be decayed in a day whereas significant shortage will be alive in 3-4 days for water and groceries.
  • Outfit of Pharmaceutical medicines: In times of mass accidents and injuries, no healthcare services can be aided without prescribed pharmacy drugs, radio pharmaceuticals and oxygen supplies. Pharmacy stocks will be depleted over a single night.
  • Public transportation: Just like medicine supply, fuel supply also plays predominant role in the society for the smooth running of both individual vehicles and public transportation systems like air, rail and maritime transportation. If truck stops, run down of fuel supplies will occupy the nation. It also bids secondary effects like preventing access to bank, school, hospital, offices etc.,
  • Waste removal: You can just count the ill-effect in a single day of truck stoppage. You will be forgotten in garbage with serious health and environmental hazards. Apart from health risks, we will also followed by the pollution.
  • Banking: Let’s take the nation’s second largest consumer bank – JP Morgan Chase that refills around 6000 ATMs via by way of armored trucks once in every 2-3 days. If that is case for single bank, people access cash 24/7 from 370,000 ATMs every day. So truck stoppage will make people stumble upon their daily lives. Small to middle level enterprises will lose their balance in a week or less than that. Hope now you all really got the fact “When Trucks Stop, America Stops”.

To one side, other small ripples will also arise in farming industries, retail sectors, manufacturing businesses, banking, finance etc. As seen, restricting or shutting down all truck operations may lead to natural disaster, threats and terrorist attacks. Be proud of whom you are and work harder from your side to balance the nation’s economy. And also hard-earned bucks are not meant to leak through penalties. So don’t forget to file your tax Form 2290 at right time with right E-file mate – Tax2290.com. Now you can e-file from your mobile, even when you are on the move. Reach us at 866-245-3918 anytime or mail us to support@taxexcise.com, no matter when!