Three Things to Count On While Replacing Your Smart Truck Wheels

How often do you replace your truck’s wheel? When this question was asked to a number of truckers, we had two different answers. The first type of answer was, “I change it when they shrink or when flat spots are huge. The second type but infrequent answer was, “I restore them in every 2-4 months”. Right answer! It is advised and found to be effective when you put back your truck’s wheel every 2-4 months.

Most of you are likely to change your truck wheels only when you can’t get those axle nuts back on the setup. Not ever! As a motorist, replacing your truck wheels is going to be a continuous process from time to time. Sometimes you will realize that the new wheels just don’t fit in or they may trouble you while driving. It is said that, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Let’s look up for three flaw-avoidance measures while swapping your vehicle’s wheel, which really helps in maintaining your trucks well.

  •  Fit in wheels with perfect WAR (Wheel Aspect Ratio): Make sure you put in new wheels with perfect wheel aspect ratio similar to those you are about to replace. Refer to those readings on the wheels for ensuring the ratio size. If you are restoring a wheel with lower/higher aspect ratios, they can possibly wear out soon or your driving quality may get worse.

*Wheel aspect ratio refers to the height of the wheel’s side walls (made up of metal alloy) and to the tire’s width.

  •  Maintain the WOS (Wheel Offset): Maintain the previous wheel’s offset or original wheel’s offset when you buy new wheels. If the offset is ZERO, the mounting area of the wheel is at wheel’s center. Once the wheel offset is not at position, steering wheel may stiff around.
  •  Prefer same tire width to new tires: Have a preference for tire width, just similar to your truck’s older wheels. Of course your truck may look great with wider tires but if the new wheel reads wider than the older one, that will be the beginning of your entire car problems later. You cannot get those comfortable rides as earlier.


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