The First Month of the New Tax Period is Up! E-file Form 2290 Before the Deadline.

Hello, truckers and trucking taxpayers! The first month of the new tax period, 2023-2024, is ending, and you should have reported your Form 2290 HVUT to the IRS already. If not, don’t worry; you still have a month to file your 2290 tax reports. But it is highly advisable and beneficial for you to speed up the process and submit your 2290 reports to the IRS as soon as possible because you must not wait until the deadline to report your taxes and get the IRS Schedule 1 copy. So, e-file Form 2290 taxes on to stay ahead of the deadline this season and get the instant Schedule 1 copy directly to your registered email address. With Form 2290 e-filing, you don’t have to worry about crowds or seasonal surges; our timely services will get your tax reports processed on time. Once the returns are processed, you will receive the IRS digitally watermarked Schedule 1 copy in your email. Thus, e-file Form 2290 on ensures you a smooth tax season and trucking operations on the public highways of the United States.

Smooth Form 2290 e-file on

As a trucker or trucking taxpayer, you know the importance of reporting your taxes and getting the IRS Schedule 1 copy on time. If you have taxable heavy highway vehicles, you must report and pay HVUT taxes using the IRS Form 2290. Your heavy vehicle must have a total gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more and be estimated to travel 5,000 miles or more (7500 miles for agricultural vehicles) to become eligible for Form 2290 taxes. IRS charges 2290 tax returns based on the taxable gross weight of the heavy vehicle. 2290 tax amount varies with weight; truckers must identify the weight category of their heavy vehicles and file the taxes accordingly. Also, logging vehicles are taxed differently than normal heavy vehicles in this weight category. Therefore, truckers and trucking taxpayers must choose their weight category per their vehicle’s type and total gross weight to report their taxes clearly. Truckers with heavy vehicles that don’t belong to the taxable category must report Form 2290 HVUT returns for their trucks as tax-suspended vehicles and get a valid Schedule 1 copy. These suspended vehicles are not entitled to any Form 2290 payments. helps you choose your category smoothly and accurately e-file Form 2290 tax reports to the IRS.

Convenient Platform to e-file Form 2290. is an IRS – approved modernized Form 2290 HVUT e-filing service platform where you can report your truck taxes online and save time. Your days of paper filing your Form 2290 tax returns and waiting for weeks to get the IRS-stamped Schedule 1 copy are over. Now, you can e-file Form 2290 on our platform and get the IRS digitally watermarked Schedule 1 copy to your email on the go. We have convenient web and mobile applications from which you can easily prepare your 2290 tax reports and transmit them to the IRS using your PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablet devices. You can do all these from the comfort of your home/office. Our platform is available 24/7; you can e-file Form 2290 reports at your convenient time. Also, you can prepare your tax reports, save the process in the middle and return to it whenever possible. offers a personalized experience where you can store your information, tax returns, schedule 1 copies, and other tax records in your We offer free record keeping, and you can access them 24/7, which will come in handy during IRS audits. We provide TEXT alert services (optional) to update you on the status of your IRS Schedule 1 copy. Also, our customer support executives are always at your disposal to sort your queries regarding Form 2290 e-filing and ensure you have a smooth e-filing process on our platform. Contact our customer support team at 1-866-245-3918 (toll-free) from 8 AM to 6 PM on all working days. Or write to us at