Useful Tips for Last Minute 2290 Return Filer the industry leader for filing Form 2290 Heavy Truck Taxes liked to share few use full tax tips for the last minute Tax2290 return filers.  Always double the the tax information you put in your  2290 returns.

  • Always E-file your 2290 returns with
  • Review Federal Tax ID# or  EIN# [Employer Identification Number]
  • Review your Tax Year and Month
  • Review your VIN# [Vehicle Identification Number]
  • Sign and date your return electronically
  • Always Choose Direct Debit or EFW
  • Carefully check your figures
  • Make sure you enter correct Business Nam

E-File Your 2290 Return

Always use the benefits of e-file. With e-filing you can process your return very quickly.  With e-file your errors are eliminated  instantly.  E-file is available round the clock and get your IRS stamped Schedule 1 in minutes. We can Text you an instant alert to your mobile once e receive your Schedule 1 status from IRS. A copy will be forwarded to your email inbox right a way to save time from downloading it from the website.

Always Choose Direct Debit or EFW:

In order to pay your tax dues that you owe to IRS you need to opt for Direct Deposit or EFW.  If you do so, IRS will debit your account directly from your bank account for the tax dues. You may also choose EFTPS or Check/Money Order by you have to schedule it in time,

Carefully Check Your Figures

Last minute filers always need to double-check to correctly figure the Tax Due they owe to IRS and use convenient method of paying taxes. Avoid paying more by carefully checking your figures.

How to Make a Payment

While e-filing, you can file and pay by authorizing Direct Debit or electronic funds withdrawal.

Review Tax ID Numbers

Carefully check Tax Identification numbers on your return. Pay for your business and for your EIN to avoid penalties.

Review Your Return

Before you transmit your 2290 return to IRS review all the information for accuracy. Any error in the details may cause rejection and you need to get it corrected this may take time to get your IRS stamped Schedule 1 from IRS.

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