What’s Your Choice, E-filing Taxes On-time or Penalties?

Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction – Isaac Newton

Anything that we do will have its repercussion, but whether it will be good one or bad one depends on our Actions. Most of the times even if we delay or be late on things that we have to do will cost us big. One Such thing is Filing or Paying Taxes late or after the deadline. What most of us do is try to file our taxes right on the day it is due, this thought is very common because we all would love to hold on to our hard-earned money as long as possible.

But remember you are not the only person with this thought there are millions wanting to do the same. Tax Experts suggest that it is not a healthy practice. Truckers who are known for being there or doing things on time would not love to be late since it is going to cost a lot of their Money. We are here to discuss about the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290, which is Due by the End of the Month which is August 31st. Your previous Stamped receipt from the IRS i.e. your Schedule 1 Copy would have expired by the end of June, which also means you are currently operating with an Expired Stamped Schedule 1 copy if you have not filed a return for tax Year 2018 – 2019 yet.

Simple concept for Truckers, if you are transporting a huge load from point A to Point B and you have reached point B before the expected time and you have an option to drop off the Load right away, would you even wait for the last minute of the Expected time?? No one would, that is the exact same scenario with your HVUT Form 2290 for Tax Year 2018 – 2019, though it is Due only by the End of August you have an option to E-file it right away and there is not going to be any difference in the Money that you are going to spend but you can stay relaxed and out of tension.

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