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Highway Trust Fund – a safe destination for your HVUT

Trucker duties are delivery bound. So are the taxes they pay for their heavy trucks, to the Federal Government. The HVUT returns you file and taxes that you pay get transmitted to the IRS safely and the IRS in turn returns it to the Federal Funds Treasury. the amounts equivalent to these taxes are then transferred on paper to the HTF, Highway Trust Fund, a transportation fund established in 1956 to finance the United States Interstate Highway System and certain other roads. The revenues of the HTF are intended for financing highways, with the taxes dedicated to the HTF paid by the users of highways. Most of the tax amounts credited to the HTF’s Highway account (one of the three accounts of HTF) are not collected by the Federal government directly from the consumer. They are, instead, paid to the Internal Revenue Service by the producer or importer of the taxable product, except like for HVUT which is paid by the owner. Continue reading

Truckers Should Respond Promptly To the Alarm of Sleep While Driving and HVUT for Driving

Apart from keeping yourself alert while driving, you should also be alert enough to pay your HVUT taxes yearly and keep your trucks running throughout. HVUT alarm rings every year and you ought to respond to it the right way by filing your returns and paying your HVUT tax due amounts to the IRS. Tax2290.com makes your off driving job as an e-filer, very easy.

Truckers who keep busy at night time should be alert continuously. Trucking is always a risky line of work in which accidents cannot be ruled out. Although you try for staying wide-awake, the biotic clock turns you down. Here are some accepted ways to keep you stirred enough. Continue reading

IRS Heavy Vehicle Tax exemptions (HVUT Exemptions)

The annual fee assessed on heavy vehicles for their operations on public highways at registered gross weights equal to or exceeding 55,000 pounds, called HVUT (Heavy Vehicle Use Tax), should be paid to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) who is responsible for tax collections. The reason all proud truckers should be doing their yearly heavy vehicles tax return filing duty (e-file with authorized software providers like tax2290.com recommended by IRS) aligns perfectly with funding our nation’s highway improvisation programs. Proof of such payments (IRS stamped Schedule 1) will be required for registration renewal to relevant state authorities. This is what we know or at the least what we ought to know in case we don’t, while dealing with heavy vehicles on public highway roads. There are some categories that the heavy vehicle use tax division doesn’t wish to know, called suspended vehicles. According to the IRS, the following are exempted from paying the HVUT. Continue reading

E-file IRS Form 2290 VIN Corrections…

IRS Form 2290 is to figure and pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax [Truck Tax] to the IRS. By efiling form 2290 it is possible to get Schedule-1 in minutes. To efile a IRS form 2290, you need to have the following tax details ready

Business Name, EIN [Employer Identification Number], VIN [Vehicle Identification Number, Gross Weight…

Vehicle Identification Number:

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a distinctive number assigned to a vehicle to identify it for changing title, vehicle registration and other functions. It contains 17 digits of alphanumeric characters.

VIN Correction:

When you have Vehicle identification numbers of up to 17 characters with mixed of numbers and letters, mistakes happen. For example, You type 5 instead of S. To err is human.

For Example, Let’s say that you file form 2290 and pay $550 to IRS and get your Schedule-1. You take it to the DMV or the Carrier, then you realize, that the Schedule 1 has the wrong VIN. Then need to report 2290 Amendment for VIN correction.

Continue reading

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