Data Security is’s Prime motto

The first question that pops in the minds of an internet user about e-filing is “Am I using a reliable and secure website?”

As far as, taxpayers can be rest assured about security since we employ world class technology back up to equip the security of our site. takes ultimate efforts for protecting your account and Personal/Business information.

When you login to you will be in a “secure session” that is established with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) verified by COMODO’s Global Site Certificate Technology. While connected with SSL, every transmission between your computer and our websites are encrypted with 128-bit (strong) encryption, completely hiding your data while it travels to us.

ThinkTrade, Inc. does not compromise on security and takes it very seriously. All the tax products from ThinkTrade are very reliable and have the most advanced technologies for internet security.

Well, what is this SSL?

The Secure Socket Layer, SSL for short, is a protocol by which many services that communicate over the Internet can do so in a secure fashion. To solve these problems to a large degree, most Internet services support use of SSL as a mechanism for securing communications.

SSL in Action

How SSL works?

Let us view an example of how a company enables SSL feature. The company wants to protect communications to their server at The company creates a certificate with public and private key for The company contacts a trusted third party company like COMODO for enabling SSL. COMODO ensures the identity of the company and verifies its authority to use The company needs to do a lot of paper work and pay a big fee to Third Party Company for this process. After completion of verification process COMODO provides new public information with additional info for the company. This info is the certification from COMODO that this public key is for Company and and that this is confirmed by COMODO. This certification info is encrypted using COMODO’s private key.

Now, whenever a Client makes a connection to using its PC, the connection is made to a special “port” (address) on which is specific for SSL communications alone. As the Client connects to using its SSL-secured port, the company provides back its public key. Client receives the public key and verifies it. Client has the public key for COMODO stored in its PC. Thus, the client can decrypt the validation information, prove the validation is from COMODO and verify that the public key is licensed by COMODO. If Client relies on COMODO, then Client can trust that they are actually communicating with Company. If Client doesn’t trust COMODO, then the identity of who is running the computers to which Client is connecting is suspect.

How do we protect customer data?

Once the data reaches our servers, we store the sensitive information in encrypted form in our servers and in case of credit card information; we don’t store the information at all in our servers. We are very concerned about your security and we proactively have taken steps to thwart the risks

Is hack proof?

Yes, of course. uses the advanced technology of McAfee, one among the world leaders in site security features, to make our site fully secure from any kind of hacker attacks. There by your sensitive tax data is fully secure with us.

Note : HVUT Form 2290 for vehicles first used in the month of March 2016 since July 2015 are due by April 29th 2016. Logon to and have them E-filed within minutes. Reach our Tax Experts @1-866-245-3918 for assistance or write to them @

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