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Data Security is Tax2290.com’s Prime motto

The first question that pops in the minds of an internet user about e-filing is “Am I using a reliable and secure website?”

As far as Tax2290.com, taxpayers can be rest assured about security since we employ world class technology back up to equip the security of our site. Tax2290.com takes ultimate efforts for protecting your account and Personal/Business information. Continue reading

IRS Form 2290 is due in 1 day [November 30]


IRS Tax Form 2290 is about to due and just hours left for the truckersowner operators,trucking business owners and heavy truck tax payers to avoid penalties for late filing.

If your vehicle was first used in July, August, September or October 2011, you are required to file Form 2290 by November 30, 2011. You will not be liable for any late filing penalty or interest if you meet this due date.

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Is your vehicle suspended and want to report to IRS

TaxExcise.com / Tax2290.com has every features to efile all 2290 taxes with IRS.

  • Efile Form 2290 and get IRS stamped Schedule-1 copy in minutes
  • Efile Form 2290 Amendments and VIN Corrections and get it done in minutes
  • Efile your Sold/Destroyed/Stolen credits
  • Efile Suspended Vehicles with IRS and get Schedule-1 in minutes and many more… Continue reading

How to Get Your Prior Year Tax Information from the IRS

Taxpayers who need certain prior year tax return information can obtain it from the IRS. Here are nine things to know if you need federal tax return information from a previously filed tax return.

  1. There are three options for obtaining free copies of your federal tax return information – on the web, by phone or by mail.
  2. The IRS does not charge a fee for transcripts, which are presently available for the current tax year as well as the past three tax years.
  3. A tax return transcript shows most line items from your tax return as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedules.  It does not reflect any changes made after the return was filed. Continue reading

IRS Announces 2011 Air Transportation Tax Rates

The Internal Revenue Service today announced the 2011 inflation adjustments to the excise taxes on air transportation.

Excise taxes apply to the domestic segments of taxable air transportation and to the use of international air facilities. The Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2010, Part IV, signed into law on Dec. 22, 2010, extends these excise taxes to air transportation that begins or is paid for no later than March 31, 2011.

These excise taxes are adjusted annually for inflation:

  • For 2011, the excise tax on the domestic segment of taxable air transportation is $3.70, unchanged from 2010.
  • The excise tax for 2011 for international flights that begin or end in the United States is $16.30, up from $16.10 in 2010.
  • The tax on use of international air facilities also applies at a reduced rate to departures of interstate flights that begin or end in Alaska or Hawaii. For 2011, the international air facilities tax on these flights is $8.20, up from $8.10 in 2010.

The new rates take effect Jan. 1, 2011.

Further details pertaining to the excise taxes on air transportation can be found in Form 720, Quarterly Excise Tax Return, and its instructions.