E-File your Pro-rated Form 2290 now for vehicles first used since December 2020, Due today!

Taxexcise.com / Tax2290.com allows you to create and file a Form 2290 return without any paper work involved. Once the return is created it allows you to verify the PDF copy before you could transmit the return to the IRS for processing, and it takes minutes to receive the watermarked stamped schedule-1 acknowledgment back from the IRS of acceptance.

IRS Federal HVUT Form 2290 where organizations and truck owners and owner-operators report and pay the pro-rated tax for vehicles first used in the middle of the tax period, for example, any new vehicles first used since the month of December 2020 needs to report it by February 1, 2021, which is Today. TaxExcise.com is presently good to assist you with your Federal Excise Tax Forms. Electronic documenting is simple, quick, and safe; has higher favorable circumstances than paper or manual recording.

The other forms that are also due today are:

  • Form 720 – Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return – due today for Q4 2020
  • Form IFTA – Quarterly Taxes – due today for Q4 2020

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