Form 2290 HVUT for the vehicles first used in April 2022 is due today!

Hey, there, Truckers! This post reminds you about a truck tax due deadline for the vehicles first used or recently purchased in April 2022. The last date to file your form 2290 HVUT and get the schedule 1 copy is today. So, beware of the deadline, and if you didn’t report your taxes for your April used vehicle, you should report the form 2290 on a pro-rated or partial period within the end of this day. Or you will be charged hefty penalties and late fees from the IRS for not paying the taxes on time and not having the appropriate schedule 1 copy even after the deadline. So, e-file your truck taxes using form 2290 at and get schedule 1 straight to your email immediately.

Form 2290 is mandatory for all vehicles.

You should report and pay form 2290 truck taxes to the IRS for all your taxable heavy vehicles or trucks. Your heavy vehicle must have a total gross weight of over 55,000 pounds and be estimated to run more than 5,000 miles (7500 miles for logging vehicles) on the public highways to come into the taxable vehicle category. Therefore, all truckers with taxable heavy vehicles should pay and report their form 2290 truck taxes to the IRS and get the official IRS stamped schedule 1 copy within the tax deadline to smoothly continue their trucking operation on the public highways of the United States. If not, IRS will take severe actions against them and charge a lot of penalties. Also, the truckers without a valid schedule 1 copy for their trucks run into problems with state and federal authorities. And the truckers having heavy vehicles that don’t come into the taxable category also should report form 2290 as tax suspended vehicles. They need not pay any form 2290 payment for the heavy vehicles. The form 2290 tax suspended vehicles should file form 2290 amendments if they become taxable due to unavoidable circumstances.

Partial Period taxes are charged based on the vehicle’s first used month.

Usually, truckers report and pay form 2290 HVUT for their vehicles during the tax period every year. The tax period or tax season starts at the beginning of July and lasts until the end of June of the following year. So, the upcoming tax period for this year starts in July 2022 and ends in June 2023. But the vehicles which are not used in July or newly purchased in any other month other than July are not entitled to form 2290 truck taxes during the usual tax period. Form 2290 HVUT is charged differently for those vehicles. They are charged on a partial-period or pro-rated basis based on the first used month of that particular vehicle. The pro-rated taxes are charged from the vehicle’s first used month to the end of the running tax period. Therefore, for the vehicles first used in April 2022, the partial period taxes are charged from April 2022 to June 2022. So, taxpayers should estimate their form 2290 truck taxes from April to June and report it to the IRS accordingly.

E-file Form 2290 partial-period taxes today at!

The deadline to file form 2290 truck taxes on a partial period basis for the vehicles first used on April 2022 is today. So, e-file form 2290 at at just $29.99 per return and instantly get the schedule 1 copy to your email.