We are now accepting Form 2290 pre-file for the upcoming TY 2022-2023 at Tax2290!

Hello, truckers! It’s already May, and the next tax period for form 2290 highway heavy vehicle use tax is almost here. And IRS is preparing to start accepting the form 2290 for the new tax period as soon as it begins in July 2022. Truckers and truck taxpayers must file Form 2290 and pay the truck tax amount to the IRS and get the IRS approved schedule 1 copy to continue their smooth operation on the public highways for a year. 

The Next Tax Period, 2022-2023, is approaching soon!

Generally, the tax period starts at the beginning of July and lasts until the end of next June. So, the truckers should report their truck tax using the HVUT form 2290 and pay the tax amount in advance for the whole tax year. The deadline to file Form 2290 to the IRS is on or before the end of August every year. IRS is very strict about the taxes and its deadlines. Therefore, the taxpayers should not miss out on the deadline, or else they will be liable for penalties, interests, and late charges. 

IRS accepts form 2290 at the beginning of July for TY 2022-23. 

Usually, IRS gets crowded due to numerous form 2290 reports at the beginning of the tax period, as many truckers will report their form 2290 truck taxes for their vehicles at that time. So, the IRS takes longer to process and issue the schedule 1 copy to the respective truckers after approval. To overcome this, IRS made it mandatory for all the truckers with 25 or more vehicles in their fleet to electronically file their form 2290 tax returns with an IRS-approved modern e-filing service provider. E-filing form 2290 is very easy, secure, and less time-consuming than its paper filing counterparts. It is also very easy for the IRS to process, approve and maintain the records through e-filing systems. As a result, IRS encourages all the truckers, even with a single vehicle, to e-file their form 2290 heavy vehicle use tax returns to e-file form 2290 online as it is very easy to process and send out the schedule 1 receipt electronically. 

Pre-efile Form 2290 at Tax2290.com!

But IRS takes some time to process the form 2290 e-file and send out the schedule 1 copy during the beginning of the tax period. It happens because all the truckers e-file form 2290 truck tax returns at that time. So, Tax2290.com has introduced the pre-efiling method to make our customers stay ahead of the crowd and get the schedule 1 copy at the beginning of the tax season itself. We make this possible with our pre-efiling form 2290 service. With us, you can pre-efile form 2290 HVUT ahead of the tax season and don’t have to worry about the crowds or last-minute tension. 

You can easily pre-efile form 2290 by selecting the upcoming tax season TY 2022-2023 on Tax2290.com. Once you pre-file form 2290 with us, we will safely hold your 2290 truck tax returns for you and push it when the IRS opens shop for 2290 tax returns processing for the tax season 2022-23. You can be stress-free during the actual tax period starts and get the schedule 1 copy at the earliest. 

Schedule 1 copy for Pre-efiled Form 2290

Even though you had pre-efiled form 2290 HVUT ahead of the tax period at Tax2290.com, the IRS only accepts and processes it at the beginning of the respective tax period, July 2022. So, you will get the schedule 1 copy at the earliest of July 2022. As IRS works on a first-come, first-served basis, your form 2290 tax reports will be among the first to get processed by the IRS, and you will get the schedule 1 copy at the earliest. You will get the schedule 1 copy directly to your email. It will also be available in your Tax2290.com profile dashboard as soon as the IRS approves your form 2290 tax returns.

Form 2290 Pre-file is now open at Tax2290.com!

We are now accepting the form 2290 e-filing for the upcoming TY 2022-2023. You can visit our website at TaxExcise.com or Tax2290.com to know more about pre-efile form 2290 for TY 2022-23. There are many discounts, offers, and coupon codes for our pre-efiling customers at tax2290.com. So, make use of the offers and stay ahead on your form 2290 e-filing this year.  You can also contact our customer support desk at 1 – 866 – 245 – 3918 (toll-free) for all the queries regarding form 2290 pre-filing, and you can also write to us at support@taxexcise.com. We will respond to you promptly.