Form 2290: Reasons for Rejection!

Reasons and circumstances may vary but what makes you a great human being is how you react when you face a rejection. First and foremost accept the fact that what you tired did not work and you have a temporary setback.  If rejected the next thing you should analyze is the reason for rejection, once you identified the reason for rejection try correcting it at the earliest possible. E-filing Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 is no exception to the thumb rule that, if furnished information does not meet the requirement then it leads to rejection.

Below is the list of possible rejections when you E-file your Federal Excise Tax Form 2290:

EIN REJECTION: There are various reasons why IRS may reject your E-filed Federal Excise Tax Form 2290, with EIN as a factor.

  • A simple typo can also lead to EIN Rejection, when you type in an incorrect EIN it can get rejected.
  • Keying in an Incorrect Business Name that is not in IRS records for your EIN or using a DBA name will also result in an EIN Rejection.
  • Common myth, assuming that your SSN and EIN are same or deliberately keying in your SSN in place of EIN will lead to rejection
  • Brand New EIN-An EIN cannot be used online for Tax Filing purposes until the IRS update’s its database with the new EIN. It normally takes up to 10 business days for the IRS to update their Database

VIN DUPLICATION: IRS allows to E-file Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 for a single VIN, only once in a Tax Year. Attempting to E-file HVUT for the second time in a Tax Year for a particular VIN, the IRS would reject it with a reason VIN Duplication.

INCORRECT RTN: RTN is abbreviated as Routing Transit Number, when you are E-filing your Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 and deciding to pay your taxes through Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW), then you Enclose your Bank Account Information such as Account Number, Routing Transit Number, Account Type & Bank Name. If you key in an Incorrect RTN, the IRS will reject your E-filed Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 with an error message stating INCORRECT RTN.

Now that we have listed all the possible reasons for Form 2290 E-file rejections, make sure that you do not commit the above mentioned errors to avoid Rejection. If your E-filed Form 2290 gets Rejected then you always have to chance to correct it Online without paying any additional service fee, when your actual Federal Excise Tax Form 2290 is filed through, / – Products of ThinkTrade Inc.

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