HVUT Form 2290 Now Due for Tax Year 2020 – 2021!

Truck Drivers spend countless hours perfecting their talent. They just don’t pass tests, get licensed, pick up a load, and travel hundreds of miles to expect immediate perfection. They understand that they will make many errors as they learn, but they start with the basics, the key fundamentals first. Having all the required documents and paperwork is the most basic foundation every driver must enhance. Amongst their busy schedule, the necessity to file on time and stay compliant with the IRS has always been a big hurdle.

Being the only decade old provider and through expertise gained over the years, we at TaxExcise.com have always strived to perfect and simplify the process of filing the HVUT Form 2290. Every year we tend to bring out new features based on customer feedback and ever-changing market conditions. Let us take you through a few features that most users are not aware of, and help you understand how to overcome these situations with ease.

Clone Return

 I am reporting the same vehicles as last year, do I have to re-enter my information? This not so recently introduced feature is the “Clone Return” option that allows you to duplicate your previously filed tax return and saves you the hassle of re-entering the same information all over again. Now e-filing Form2290 is even simpler with the cloning option that lets you complete your filing in just one click. Just select “the duplicate option” found on your previously accepted filing to have your return duplicated almost instantly.

Transfer of Credits

My Vehicle was Sold/Traded or Destroyed, do I get a refund, as I paid taxes?

If you had paid taxes and have not used the vehicle for the complete year then you can claim a refund on the unused months by filing Form 8849 Schedule 6, generally, the IRS will mail you a refund check in about 21 business days, however, due to the recent pandemic the IRS has a backlog of pending refund requests and there is a delay in receiving refund checks.

Our suggestion would be that instead of claiming a refund you can have the remaining credits transferred to your current or future 2290 filings. This saves you the hustle of filing a different form and waiting on a refund check.

Another such similar option is also available if you had paid taxes and your vehicle was not used or did not exceed 5000 miles during the previous tax year. For this, you can claim a Low Mileage Credit and have the complete tax amount transferred to your current or future 2290 filings.

With the tax-filing season in full swing, we would also like to keep you posted on the upcoming Deadlines.

Form 2290 is due by July 31st for vehicles first used or began operations in June2020. For returning filers we would like to keep you reminded that Form 2290 is due now and has to be renewed for the current year 2020-2021. Due to the unprecedented prevailing circumstances and social distancing norms in place, most filers prefer to avoid any last-minute rush and complete tax returns ahead of time. Electronic filing has always been the best way to report form 2290 as it is fast and less time-consuming. With most of the IRS offices still re-opening Electronically filing form 2290 is the only option in getting your tax return completed and staying compliant with the IRS.

For users who have questions on your tax forms do reach our fully operational help desk for added support. This filing season we are operational 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm Central time, and to have maximum outreach in terms of customer service feel free to use our three-way line of communication, you can reach us at 866 – 245 – 3918 or write to us at support@taxexcise.com, LIVE CHAT support is also available that allows you to connect with our agents and get your questions answered instantly.

Stay Safe, Stay compliant, and Keep on Trucking!