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Discover More about Long Hauling Requirements

Ever thought what it takes to be a long haul driver? How does a truck driver manage hauling for days and weeks together? It is essential for owner operators to have the necessary requirements to make their trucking business prosperous and handle every task assiduously. Starting from hiring drivers to having the essential equipment, it all requires hard work and dedication for a smooth running of the business. Reading further can help owner operators to have a clear understanding of the requirements and can work on the aspect accordingly. Continue reading

America’s 5 Most Traffic Congested Places for Truckers

Truly said that, “death, taxes, and traffic are certainties of life”. Whether truck drivers, office-goers, or any other being stuck in the traffic is one of the common topics of discussion and their impact. Besides, the honking of the horns adds to the irritation also delaying our work especially for truckers who have to deliver the goods on time. Of course, there are GPS devices to furnish information about the traffic but not all truck drivers are lucky enough to use a GPS device.

The ‘Texas A&M Transportation Institute’ released its annual report on America’s worst traffic cities. The final report released by the institute was prepared after an analysis and comparison with last year’s report.  Knowing about the worst traffic cities can help truck drivers prepare themselves and get their goods delivered on time. Reading this blog would be helpful in knowing the cities in America with the worst traffic conditions. Continue reading

New Rules Laid by the FMCSA for Truckers

Truck drivers drive during the odd hours of the night and even during the harsh weather conditions. Not having enough rest and not eating proper food have made it difficult for truckers to drive with complete attention and are the reasons for the increasing accidents too. Therefore, to help truckers improve their lifestyle and save them from accidents new rules have been implemented by the FMCSA in the recent times. However, it is important for trucking companies and truckers to follow the safety rules, keep themselves alert, and take care of their health. Read this blog to learn about the new rule imposed by the FMCSA. Continue reading

What Should Truckers Carry When Behind the Wheel: Find it Here!

Making truckers realize the safety rules and guidelines is what most articles and blogs reflect. Nevertheless, here in this blog we shall bring forth some of the useful and interesting devices that truckers’ can use when behind the wheel. We are sure that using these things can make the driving experience of a trucker smooth and interesting. Read on to learn about the list of things useful for a truck driver. Continue reading

The Festival of Sleep Day Is Here

In this competitive world and wintry weather, is there anyone who hates hiding under a blanket and sleeping for a whole day? Certainly not! Hibernate! A Rabbit does… Bear does… Bat does… Why not you?  Apart from gearing your trucks apt for winter, self-gearing is also vital. The festival of sleep day is an unofficial, but favorite holiday for nearly everyone. It is usually celebrated on Jan 3rd of every year. We asked a good number people, what their holiday plan is. The answer counts cleaning house or car shed, washing car, repairing and some odd jobs. How nice it would be to hug your teddy or stuffed bunny and to sprawl out on a day bed or couch after your Christmas shopping or celebration? No fences why you sleep, where you sleep, how and how long you sleep. No matter what! Just get any comfortable cushion to sleep on. Continue reading