The IRS is accepting Credit/Debit card payments again, now make hasslefree Tax Payments using your cards

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A year ago, the IRS stopped accepting payments using Credit/ Debit cards making it burdensome for most truckers. Well, the good news is that the IRS has started accepting Credit/Debit card payments to make it more feasible to the truckers starting January 1, 2021.

Most of the time, there is a tendency to be confused with the payments involved in your filing. So let us take you through the payment processing refreshment, the 1st payment involved in your tax filing using our website would be your tax payment to the IRS which would be purely based on the Tax Payment option selected.

The IRS allows you to make payments using the following options:

And then the second payment on our website refers to our E-File Service fee which is also paid using a Credit/Debit card, post which you would have the filing completed by transmitting your tax return.

With the technology advancement and the Pandemic (CORONA), the payment to the IRS and receiving the Stamped Watermarked Schedule 1 copy is completed instantly with ease of access and time. When the taxpayer selects the Credit/Debit card option to pay the taxes, he/she has to visit to make the payment for the Taxes Due. And the credit card information provided on / is ONLY for the payment towards our E-file service fee which does not include your tax due payments.

So you may now go ahead and use your cards again for you’re pro-rated Form 2290 filing which is due by February 28, 2021 for vehicles that are first put into service in January 2021.

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Happy Trucking!